Test Details

Testing Process

The DNA test is very easy and non-invasive. A cotton swab is rubbed inside the mouth on the cheek for 1 minute. The swab is placed inside a sealed container for shipping to the lab. You take 2 samples, one from each cheek. It is very important that you rub pretty hard for the whole minute to get a good sample. That's it, simple!

Results usually take 4-8 weeks for processing once the sample is received by the lab. For this reason you should take the sample within one week of receiving your kit in the mail and mail it back to the lab the next day after taking the sample. The cost for shipping the kit to the lab, 1st class USPS is about $4.00.

You will get an email when the results are posted to your account on the lab's website. To access the results, you will log-into the account they created for you. View the results by clicking on the match button or the other button that are found. Most people to get several distant matches, but many have gotten close matches as well. Remember every new test after yours could be a match.

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