This project was started by Kari Lemons.
Kari is an amateur genealogist and had used Y-DNA testing of her uncle to find family members.
When autosomal DNA testing was developed in 2010 Kari could immediately see it's benefit for her sons and other Khmer adoptees and the Khmer community in general to find lost or missing family members.

She approached Family Tree DNA Jan 2011 about her idea and whether they would give a discount to her project. They said they could not as this time, ask again in a year. So in Jan of 2012 Kari asked again and FTDNA set the project up on their server and gave a discount.

Kari hoped that over time there would be some cousin matches and was very exited when by Dec 2012 there were 33 members and 24 matches mostly at the 4th-5th cousin range. In Dec 2013 there were 86 members and over 100 matches, because many members were getting multiple matches. This project has been a total success in the Khmer adoption community, new members keep joining, we now have members in Cambodia, England, France, Norway and Malta.

In fall of 2012 we partnered with Ties Adoption Travel, who provides birth family searches in Cambodia as part of their services. We provide DNA testing for potential birth parents they find to verify a parent relationship to the child.

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