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The Khmer Cousins Project is a DNA testing project for the Cambodian Community worldwide. The goal for the project is to find cousin connections through DNA testing to rebuild families.

This project is divided into 3 groups:

  • Children Adopted from Cambodia.
  • Khmer's living in the USA or Internationally. You were born in Cambodia or your parents were born in Cambodia.
  • Khmer's living in Cambodia who gave up children to adoption or who are looking for missing family members.

The DNA test we use was developed in 2010 and is called Autosomal DNA test. This test is used by both male and female individuals and creates a DNA marker profile of over 900,000 markers for each person. As new tests are taken they are compared to existing profiles in the database for matches. The test can find relationships from sibling or parent out to fifth cousins or more.

To order a test and join the project, please click on the "Order Test" button in the menu above.

Action to Take Now

  • Be sure to bookmark this page to find us again.
  • Make sure to look at each page on the site.
  • If you have any questions please ask them on the contact page.
  • To get updates and announcements connect with us on Facebook, click the Facebook link on the left.
  • I volunteer my time and money to support the project, It costs $25/month to run the project, if you can help pay for a month please click the Donate Button! Any amount is welcome, but it is not tax deductable. We are not a non-profit.
  • Please email the link to this website to everyone you might know who would be interested in the project. Thank You for your interest and support

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